Friday, January 9, 2009

Mommy is finished!

Mommy and Daddy were up really late last night finishing up Mommy's audition tape for Survivor.  I hope Mommy gets picked because she really wants to be on the show.  Secretly, I hope she doesn't get picked, only because she will be gone for a really long time if she does.  Who will make all my treats?  Who will make my dinner?  I don't know if Daddy knows how to bake or make the chicken for my dinner.  I am so happy that life is back to normal.  Now we have lots of time to play!!!

P.S.  Mommy says she will post her audition tape in March.  She doesn't want to jinx anything.


  1. Hi Teddy. Thanks for stopping by our blog. It's nice to meet you. We wish your mom luck getting on survivor. Our girl loves to watch that show (she would never go on it though because she wouldn't like having to poop outside and not take hot showers). We don't understand that, since those are things we love to do!

  2. Good luck to your Mom!
    I am sure your Dad would take very good care of you!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Exactly what types of treats and dinner does your Mom make for you? My mom made peanut butter pumpkin cookies for me. I'm gonna share the recipe with everydog sometime next week.

    Good luck to your Mom with Survivor! I hope she gets chosen. But secretly I hope she doesn't because I know you secretly don't want her to be gone so long. Mumms the word on that. :-)

  4. That would be so cool if your Mommy got on Survivor! We wish her good luck! If it happens you will probably be having take-out dinners a lot!

    Hugs, Kodak

  5. Good luck to your Momma about Survivor.

    We wouldn't want to go on Survivor as we need to stay here and rest on our comfy couch and be fed treats!

  6. Hi Teddy!
    I hope your mommy gets picked! But if she doesn't at least she will get to stay with you and then she won't have to miss your adorable face!

  7. Hi Hana, my favorite treats that my Mommy makes are pumkpin biscuits and carob cookies. Mommy doesn't make the carob cookies that often because of the carob. I will get the recipe for the pumpkin biscuits the next time she makes them. For dinner, I eat baked chicken, raw carrots, oats, and flaxseed. I am excited for you to share your Mommy's PB pumpkin cookie recipe. Does your Mommy make all your treats for you too?

  8. I think we missed this from earlier this year! Wow....I would be scared to be a survivor!