Monday, June 27, 2011

Last weekend...

...we went camping at Pinecrest Lake. Do you like our new tent? It is really nice. Daddy loves how it is came equipped with heavy duty metal poles that are not only strong but lightweight too.
Can you tell that we really had a blast? Daddy didn't catch many keepers but at least we tried, right?
While on a hike I had a stand off with this little guy. I am intrigued by these fuzzy little creatures and how this one looks a lot like my Sister with her bulging eye balls.
It quickly ran up a tree for cover just in the nick of time. Did anyone else do something really fun this weekend?


  1. Harroooo mates! Looks like a nice time camping, hope woo avoided the mosquitoes, we had a nice weekend too thanks! Play bows,

    RA & Isis

  2. Look like you guys were smiling lots!


  3. Your tent is awesome, Teddy! It look very roomy! We hope you and Sierra get lots of use out of it!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Love your portable home! Looks like a great weekend even without fishes to grill!

  5. We've never been camping and just love your tent. Looks like a fun weekend.

    Hugs and yips,
    Cappy and Ollie