Saturday, February 13, 2010

Las Trampas Take Three

We had so much fun hiking at Las Trampas today. Suka, you were with us in spirit. We started hiking on the left side of the mountain. It was still wet from all the rain that we've had lately. I had fun playing in the muddles. We walked across to the right side of the mountain to begin our hike. That side was much more dry. We saw some cows trying to have a picnic. Sierra and I got really close to see if we could join them. We didn't stay because they didn't have anything good to eat. I found a little stream at the beginning of our hike. I drank a little water from it but Sierra wouldn't get near it. We saw another cow about half way up the mountain. Sierra and I got pretty close to say hi. My Grandpa and Auntie Kim came on the hike with us today. They had a lot of fun with us. I got really, really dirty and wet from our hike today. Daddy had to dry me off before I could go into Auntie Kim's house. We ended up playing at Auntie Kim's longer than we expected so guess what we got for dinner? Turkey and naan bread!!! Sierra and I were in heaven!


  1. Woo, Qannik of the all white coat says that that looks like a lot of fun to wander in the mud!

  2. We are here to wish you a furry Happy Valentine's Day. We can see that you are surrounded by loved ones - the best way to celebrate this happy day♥

  3. What a pawesome hike and day woo had!

    Thank woo fur sharing it with us!

    Happy Valentine's Day to ALL of WOO!


  4. I can see you had fun playing in the muddles!
    Glad you all had a great time!
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Wow looks like you had some good muddy fun!

  6. Hi Teddy,

    Your hike was just breathtaking! We are glad that you are having such a wonderful Valentine's weekend.

    Riley and Star...xoxoxooxoxox!

  7. hey Teddy Bear and Sierra,

    Thank you for bringing me in Spirit! I knew I was feeling the joy of fresh air, nature smells, and freedom!

    You pups look like you had a blast! Teddy Bear, I love the muddle you were playing in, and I bet your paws loved the feel of that mud. What a super fun adventure you pups had, and then you got to top it off with yummy food! Turkey!!! Lucky dogs!

    Thanks for sharing your great adventure, and all the great photos. And thanks again for sharing your fun adventure with my Spirit. We will have to do it again sometime!

    Have a very sweet Valentine's Day!


  8. Teddy, you and Sierra look like you had so much fun!! It is beautiful where you are! I chuckled when I read about you getting dirty - my mom just said "Oh Teddy". I guess she can relate to your mom and dad!!

    Happy Valentines Day!


  9. What an absolutely perfect day! I am so glad you shared it with us.

    We hope you had a very special Valentine's Day filled with love, treats, and special surprises. Know you, Sierra and your family are in my heart.